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BSA Rocket3 & Triumph Trident

Triples OnLine : a source of information for the Triumph Trident (T150, T160, X75) and the BSA Rocket 3 (A75). These classic British motorcycles were produced from 1968 until 1975/6. Although they were - and still are - exciting motorcycles they arrived too late to save the BSA motorcycle group (which included both the BSA and the Triumph marques). BSA ceased major production in 1972 and Triumph followed shortly thereafter in 1975.

The new 2020 Monkey Bikes are here!
Drag 'n Drop is enabled on Forum Posts - drag your bike out of your hard drive and drop it on someone's screen.
Have fun in the New Year!
- Kim

To help those of you trying to connect with other local riders here is some (very) basic info on registered members - more to come...

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