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About Triples Online

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Triples Online provides a variety of information about the BSA & Triumph Triples of 1969 to 1976 . . .

It is best viewed at 800 x 600 or above and uses standard HTML, ASP, Flash and Java. As a result it should be compatible with almost all of today's browsers including Microsoft IE, Opera, Mozilla Firefox etc.

The site is maintained by Kim Rowden .

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Other Triple sites:
The Trident and Rocket3 Owners Club is a Triples club that is based in the UK. They provide a bi-monthly magazine and sponsor various events in the UK during the year. Membership dues and other details can be found on their website.

The Triple Racers site is hosted by a Canadian TOL member, Rod Young. It covers a variety of topics for the Rob North Triples.

Triplebrew Racing is a team that races Triple sidecars in the UK. Check out their race schedule and give them some support!

Lowland Triples are another racing team out of the Low countries (geddit?) and have been having fun racing Triples for a number of years. Lots of pics and info on their website.

Triple Dealers can be found on our Dealers page. Please support them and, even if you already do business with them, please let them know that you also found them on Triples Online. Thank you.