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Problems signing up for an account? - The process is pretty straight-forward but to avoid confusion you should only submit one registration request at a time. You should wait for the confirmation email we will send you - and then click on the CONFIRM link in that email (or cut and paste that link into your browser and click GO). If you get into a situation where you receive multiple emails from Triples Online you should discard all earlier emails and only use the most recent email. Please contact us if you are still having difficulty or if you have a question about creating an account.

Accessing the Forum - You may encounter problems reading specific posts if you are using a firewall (such as the Norton Firewall). Here is the page you may get when you click on a Forum link. Please check your firewall settings and set www.triplesonline.com as a trusted site - this will make sure you have full access to this site.

Latest site news
- Update: eBikePC - version 1.6, supports multiple partsbooks, various other enhancements
- Update: Forum and other areas now require personal (human) user verification when sending messages to other members or to the site administrator.
- Update: replaced site look and feel, simplified menus for improved site navigation
- Update: Dealers - more robust dealer advertising and reporting facilities

Previous site updates
- Update: Gallery - removed all old-style entries
- Update: Registry - generation of graphics for summary stats is now automated
- Update: Gallery - tweaks to upload and photo management process
- Addition: Dealers - Viking Exhaust becomes our first vendor partner to take advantage of advertising on Triples Online
- Please Note: If you cannot see individual posts in the Forum you probably need to allow your browser or firewall to "trust" Triples Online. Check out these suggestions.
- Addition: eBikePC - a web version of the interactive partsbook software originally written for Windows
- Addition: Bikes | Hurricane - Yokes
- Update: Gallery - photo upload processing now more reliable
- Addition: Bikes - Aftermarket Section, starting with Wheels
- Update: Registry - fixed problem when saving details
- Update: Site hosting changed to more reliable service provider.
- Update: Tech Tips - Reflectors
- Addition: User accounts have been set up to allow users to post messages to the Forum in a secure mode.
- Addition: An Auction system is now up and running - in DEMO mode! Try it out for a couple of weeks to understand how it works. We will clear all entries and turn it on for real once everything is tested.
- Addition: New context-sensitive navigational aids are being added throughout the site. Please let us know if you encounter any problems...
- Addition: The Triples Gallery is now open! Feel free to add your bike!
- Update: All Forum data now stored in a database (as opposed to simple HTML files)
- Update: Site hosting moved to Windows NT server for ease of maintenance
- Addition: The Triples Forum - get (or provide!) answers to those difficult questions
- Update: Site hosting moved to UNIX server for greater functionality
- Update: Site hosted on AOL