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Instrument Cups

More problems with glued on parts . . .

This time the large rubber grommets that fit under the T160 instrument cups. 

Once the rubber instrument grommets (97-5061) have either worked loose, or if you loosened them to change the speedo or tach cable, they never seem to fit back the way they once did. Here's an easy method to keep them up against the instrument cup using a black plastic tie-wrap.

Note: the original finish on these cups was matt black. Some owners may have chromed the cups for a more striking look.

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First you need to remove the old adhesive. Use a cleaner such as Goof Off, work it in with an old toothbrush, then scrape it off with a straight blade or a gasket scraper.

If you think you'll be working back inside the cup again soon just use one of the tie-wraps. Clip the tail close and turn it back, out of sight behind the cable.

For a more permanent fix you can use a contact adhesive as well.


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